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Health Administrators Put Their Heads Together 2017.12.19
Author : KOSHA 첨부파일The attached file(1)

Health Administrators Put Their Heads
Together for Protecting Workers’Health

KOSHA held the second national contest this year in Changwon, Gyeongnam Province

□ A venue for mutual cooperation was provided to establish plans on preventing industrial accidents of Thailand workers and strengthen mutual cooperation.


□ It provided an opportunity for the health administrators* of workplaces to gather together in one place and examine occupational health issues and discuss about ways to manage industrial health effectively.

* As doctors, nurses and industrial hygiene experts, they prevent occupational diseases through various activities, including making walk-around inspections of workplaces, supervising and managing recuperation of people with diseases, making engineering improvement of operation method, examining and analyzing the cause of industrial accident occurrence, and offering technical assistance, advice and guidance to prevent reoccurrence. (Article 16 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act)

○ The 2017 National Health Administrator Contest, sponsored by the Ministry of Employment and Labor and jointly hosted by KOSHA and five other occupational health-related institutions**, was held on November 17 (Friday) at Changwon Exhibition Convention Center in Gyeongnam.

** Korean Association of Occupational Health Nurses, Korean Industrial Health Association, Korea Occupational Hygiene Association, Council of Group Occupational Health Service, KISANHYUP

□ This year marks the second anniversary of the national contest, which is held in the order of awarding outstanding health administrators, presenting best practices of health management, and holding sessions on different themes.

○ At the award ceremony, the Minister of Employment and Labor Award (1 person) and the President of Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency Award (4 persons) will be given with presentations about the best practices of the winners.

□ At the sessions on different themes, various themes related to occupational health will be provided, including health protection plans for emotional labor in workplace, systems to prevent acute poisoning due to chemicals, and integrated management directions of harmful factors by type of occupation.

○ In addition, the posters of best practices in health management were also announced to share various information and best practices about protecting workers’ health.

□ The president of KOSHA said, “In order to resolve newly-rising occupational health issues, such as trauma caused by emotional labor and industrial accident, the expertise and role of health administrators have never been more important.”

○ He added, “I hope that the contest will provide an opportunity to raise awareness about protecting workers’ health and improve health management level at workplaces.” (END).