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Mandatory Safety Inspection Imposed on Industrial Robots & Conveyers 2017.11.15
Author : KOSHA 첨부파일The attached file(1)

Mandatory Safety Inspection Imposed on Industrial Robots & Conveyers

Safety Inspection System on Industrial Robot and Conveyer Enforced from October 28, 2017

Business Owners to Take Initial Safety Inspection upon Adopting Facility Followed by Biennial Regular Inspection

KOSHA conducts safety inspections starting on October 29, 2017 pursuant to implementation of safety inspection system* on industrial robots and conveyers.

* It is to mandate business owners to take safety inspections on regular basis in order to protect workers from industrial accidents prone to occur during operations of industrial robots and conveyers.

□ As increasing demands for industrial robots and conveyers due to automation and unmanned technologies are anticipated to elevate the frequency of occupational accidents occurring from the facilities, industrial robots and conveyers are now newly designated to the subjects for safety inspections.

○ According to the statistics on occupational accidents, 221 workers suffered from industrial robot-related accidents while 1,008 experienced conveyer-related accidents for the past 5 years.

With implementation of this regulation, business owners using industrial robots and conveyers are now required to take initial and regular safety inspections at the inspection agencies designated by the Minister of Employment and Labor.

○ Especially, those business owners who have been using industrial robots and conveyers since prior to October 29, 2017 are obliged to take initial safety inspection by December 31, 2018.

All subject items verified for their safety through safety inspections will be issued with a report on safety inspection and certificate of inspection.

○ Key items for inspection include proper operations of safety device of industrial robot (perimeter fence, barrier, interlock device), conveyer structures (transfer equipment, drive system, etc.) and safety device of conveyer.

Application for inspection may be submitted through branch offices of 4 authorized safety inspection agencies: KOSHA, Korea Elevator Safety Agency, Korea Industrial Safety Association and Korea Safety Technology Association.

* More information: Via Official website of KOHSA ( and Telephone (☎1544-3089)

An official from KOSHA pointed out, "The intent of safety inspection system is to protect workers from occupational accidents by procuring safety of dangerous machines and devices through constant inspection and management."

The official added, "The agency is determined to make further efforts to prevent occupational accidents through concurrent execution of technical supports to secure safety at workplaces in addition to implementation of upcoming safety inspection system on industrial robots and conveyers."