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Sang-won Choi, Listed at 'Marquis Who's Who' 2017.11.02
Author : KOSHA 첨부파일The attached file(1)

Sang-won Choi, Listed at 'Marquis Who's Who'

□ Sang-won Choi, a researcher at Occupational Safety Research Bureau of OSHRI was listed at the 2017~2018 edition of 'Marquis Who's Who,' one of the world's three major biographical dictionaries.

'Marquis Who's Who' is regarded as one of the world's three major biographical dictionaries along with the American Biographical Institute of the U.S. and International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, England.

○ 'Marquis Who's Who' is the oldest biographical dictionary with over 100 years of history since it was first published in 1898, and it selects around 50,000 world-renowned people from each field, such as politics, economy, society and science, and lists their profiles and accomplishments.

□ Since joining the OSHRI into KOSHA in 1991, Sang-won Choi, a researcher with Ph.D. in electrical engineering,

○ worked on a research on risk assessment technology concerning ignition by static electricity from new/raw materials for 2 years at JNIOSH as an STA Fellow invited by the Science and Technology Agency in Japan;

has published a number of international journals, including ‘Lifetime Assessment Using Multiple-Stress Acceleration Aging for Flexible Cable of Portable Electric Machines’ and ‘Safety and Health at Work,’ and engaged in various activities as an expert in electrical safety, such as an administrator at the professional technology committee for explosion proof, static electricity and machineries under the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

□ Choi said, "I will work even harder to learn and contribute to the technical advancement as well as prevention of electricity-related accidents for the purpose of preventing occupational accidents."

□ The decision on the listing of Choi to 'Marquis Who's Who' is the second time for the agency since Hyeok-myeon Kwon, the former Director General of the OSHRI, was listed in May of 2010, which is expected to further elevate the stature of KOSHA as well as the entire OSH field in Korea. (END)